Boston Marathon explosions: Hundreds gather for candlelight vigil -

Boston Marathon explosions: Hundreds gather for candlelight vigil

BOSTON -- Hundreds of people filed into to Boston Common Tuesday night; and, their singing could be heard across the park.

Attendees came with candles in hand and banners that said “Boston, you’re our home.”

The event was one of many candlelight vigil demonstrations that took place in the Boston area one day after the marathon bombings.

Earlier in the night, hundreds gathered in nearby Dorchester to remember 8-year-old Richard Martin. Martin was standing by the finish line with his family when he was killed.

The little boy has become the face of this tragedy. A picture of Martin last year shows him holding a sign that reads “No more hurting people. Peace.”

“It’s beyond belief. How could anybody do this? Nothing I can put together in my head,” said Edouard Starbuck of Nantucket, Mass.

Starbuck traveled to Boston to display American flags near the marathon’s finish line.

Investigators in white hazmat suits could still be seen combing the blocked-off scene Tuesday evening.

Runners who believe they cheated injury or death returned that very spot to sort through a range of emotions.

“You feel for the innocent people that came out to support you. You almost feel a sense of guilt even though you shouldn’t,” cried runner Lisa Mara.

Authorities said Tuesday that at least 13 of the 183 people injured have had amputations.

President Obama is expected to travel to Boston on Thursday to speak at a service for those wounded and killed in the Boston Marathon bombings.

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