St. Louis city tests sirens in preparation for future storms -

St. Louis city tests sirens in preparation for future storms

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- As the St. Louis area gets ready for more possible severe storms, some residents have expressed concern they will not get the warning.

The concern has arisen after some residents didn’t hear the sirens during the last severe storm.

On Tuesday, the St. Louis City Streets Department tested every tornado siren throughout the city of St. Louis. City spokesperson Maggie Crane told News 4 10 sirens were in question.

“We wanted to find a break in the action so to speak so we could test them and be prepared for these stronger storms coming our way,” she said.

South St. Louis resident Melinda Cole lives across the street from a siren she says didn’t go off during the storms on April 10.

“My husband and my daughter were both home today and they were both concerned about why it was going off,” Cole said. “She was home with me that night and no, it didn’t go off during the storm.”

Crane says nine out of the 10 sirens in question were working. After testing them all, only one wasn’t working and simply needed a new battery. Some residents complained they couldn’t hear the sirens in their homes.

“You’re not necessarily going to hear them inside the house,” said Crane. “They’re an outdoor warning system so if somebody is outside it’s a signal to get inside because severe weather’s going to happen.”

Crane admits there was a slight breakdown in communication. Normally residents receive email and text alerts when the sirens are tested, which did not happen Tuesday.


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