Residents demand answers after apartment complex springs leaks -

Residents demand answers after apartment complex springs leaks

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( -- Complaints have been pouring in to the newsroom about an apartment complex with so many leaks, tenants say it’s as if it rains inside the units every time there’s a storm.

This week, residents of the Bennington Heights apartment complex in Maryland Heights awoke after an overnight storm to an inch of water in their apartments.

Property managers say they’re in the process of replacing the roofs on all 65 apartment buildings but work is dragging on and was complicated by recent storms.

For residents, the excuses only serve as further frustration while their homes are in disarray.

“I pulled my bed up because it was leaking onto my bed,” said Amanda Wiltse.

Currently, a bowl of water is in the place of where she used to sleep. The sound of water dripping into the full bowl is a constant reminder that the work isn’t getting done. Currently, she is living in her kitchen.

She says the water is coming through the ceiling and is now behind the walls.

“I was told by the front office today not to worry about it that it would dry, there would be no mold, no mildew and they wouldn’t have to replace the drywall,” Wlitse said. “It’s kind of concerning because there’s electrical back there.”

There are more than a thousand apartments in this complex and as many as 100 have leaks.

The Mills Company bought the complex in November and launched a $10 million renovation with the first phase, replacing roofs on 65 buildings. Recent storms blew some of their tarps off causing leaks.

“We’re working as quickly as we can,” said property manager Melissa Diccicio. “Our maintenance teams are working overtime as well as the contractors to help with the water extraction.”


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