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2 Men steal thousands in scam using homeless to buy, sell smart phones

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

(KMOV) – Two men have been accused of using the homeless to help steal thousands of dollars in illegal cell phone sales.

Police charged Nathaniel Broadway and Dagin Fassil for stealing after they were allegedly were using homeless people to buy phones at a cheaper rate.

The suspects, both from out of town, would use homeless people to start up new services at various cell phone companies to get a discount on a new smart phone.

The suspects would then sell the brand new phone to people looking for a phone at a cheap rate. 

"So they'd get a new line of service with a brand new iPhone or Galaxy and when you open a new line of service you get a discount, but here nobody in the deal had any intention of paying for the phones," Detective A.J. Soll told News 4.

Police say they found nearly a dozen homeless men and women parked in an area known for illegal sales.
As officers were investigating further, they found 55 brand new cell phones in a hotel room near the subjects. Those phones were worth more than $25,000.

“That phone might have service on it when it is purchases but it will then default and get turned off. It could then eventually be eliminated from the carrier system, not allowing it to be reactivated,” Soll said.

This causes the victim to not only lose their phone but the hundreds of dollars they paid for it.

Police say to always buy your phone from the store itself that way you know you’re getting what you paid for.


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