Scam artists want your money and the 'no call' list is not stopp -

Scam artists want your money and the 'no call' list is not stopping them

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- Scam artists want your money and the “no call” list isn’t stopping them. Now one is re-surfacing and the callers are getting more aggressive.

Scott Heth saw a call from the 202 area code of Washington D.C. and picked up his phone. The caller made a strange offer.
 “They just said I won a grant, I was selected for a grant” said Heth.

It was one of those” government grants for nothing” phone calls. They say all they need is your bank account information to deposit the grant worth thousands of dollars.

This is a scam News 4 has been following for months.
In January of 2012, News 4 heard from Brenda Young who also got one of those offers.
“They said they chose me because I hadn’t filed for bankruptcy and had no criminal records.

Even a News 4 engineer got a call; he told us “He (the caller) told me the government was giving me his money.”
The calls are so rampant the Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning about the fake grants.  Some of the scam artists are so bold they are taking out classified ads advertising the grants, listing a toll free number to claim the money.

At one point News 4’s Chris Nagus spoke with one of the scam artists, she said her name was Linda.
Even after he told her who he was and why he was calling, she offered him a grant.

As for the latest round of calls, the call back number is now disconnected.
But don’t be fooled when they get a new number and call you.
Bottom Line: Never give out your bank account number to someone who calls you and just because the number says area code 202, that does not mean they are calling from Washington D.C,  Technology allows scam artists to create fake numbers.

If you have received one of these calls, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.


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