Cleanup begins in Hazelwood; many lose homes, peace of mind in storm -

Cleanup begins in Hazelwood; many lose homes, peace of mind in storm

( – Victims of Wednesday’s storms are starting the long process of putting their lives back together. That starts with assesing the extent of the damage and starting the cleanup.

Before some of the storm victims could even get in and out of their houses safely, they had to remove the downed trees and branches covering their homes and yards.

“As soon as I saw my backyard my jaw dropped,” said resident Scott Branam.

Besides the downed limbs and entire trees, the tornado’s strong winds also caused extensive damage to homes. At Branam’s house there’s a lot of work to do.

“We had a back patio. This whole thing was connected right there, it’s snapped off,” he said, pointing to structural damage to the home. “As far as this branch in the back of the house I dont know how that happened.”

He also has a hole in his house and his chimney is gone.

Besides cleaning up the damage, storm victims are also dealing with the trauma of the storm.

“All of a sudden you could hear the transformers going pop, pop and the wind was very loud,” said Kathy Mocca.

Some homeowners lost everything, including one family, that had their house split in two.

The homeowners were able to call some friends in the tree trimming business and got a crew out first thing this morning to remove the giant tree that sliced their home in half.

Sadly the next step is to remove their salvagable valuables from the house, as the structure will likely be condemned and they’ll never be able to live in it again.

Some residents havent started cleaning up yet as they’re dealing with more urgent needs like finding a place to live.

Several of the homes have been deemed unlivable, and no one is allowed inside.

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