Digital bracelet displays your text messages, tweets -

Digital bracelet displays your text messages, tweets

HOUSTON -– If you’re addicted to Facebook or texting and have a bad reputation for looking at your smartphone too much, LinkMe could be for you.

This stylish little bracelet has a scrolling display that will show messages from Facebook, Twitter, other apps, and of course SMS text. It links up to your smartphone, which you can leave in your pocket, via Bluetooth.

The makers of the device have a demo video showing how travelers can use it on the go to quickly check their flight status.

Early reviews say it’s cool but perhaps a little pricey ($99). Some have also complained about having to wait for the message to scroll across.

Either way, if you’re interested, they hope to start production on LinkMe next month. It’s currently on Kickstarter and waiting for more investors. It has about a third of the money it needs to meet its goal.

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