Storm strands family on house boat after dock destroyed -

Storm strands family on house boat after dock destroyed

( – As storms ripped through the St. Louis region Wednesday night, many residents were huddled in their homes. But In Godfrey, Ill., several people were actually inside their house boats in Piasa Harbor as the storm roared into the area.

The high winds not only made the water choppy, they also stranded residents out on the water.

Richard Meyer was trying to leave his boat and head for shelter with his wife and 3-year-old grandson.

Meyer said that's when he heard a big crash and when he looked outside, the dock was gone, leaving the family to ride out the storm on the water.

"As we were gathering up our stuff to go up to the building and the boat shook a couple times and we headed for the door," Meyer said. "I looked out the door and said, 'well our dock's gone, we can't get off the boat,' so we were stuck."

The harbor master says there was added danger because emergency crews did not know if the water and metal had an electrical charge due to the storm.

No one was injured. 


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