Victim says ex-boyfriend made sex tape without her knowledge -

Victim says ex-boyfriend made sex tape without her knowledge

HOUSTON -- A Houston woman who doesn’t want to be identified is warning other potential victims about a man she used to date.

The woman says she dated 29-year-old Seth Santikos for several years before breaking up.

The two reconnected recently and she told him she was engaged.

Days later, Santikos sent her a message on Facebook about an explicit video.

“I said, ‘what video? What are you talking about,’” asked the victim. “He said, ‘One of those nights at my house, I filmed us having sex.’”

The woman said Santikos videotaped them having sex without her knowledge. He used a camera hidden in a bedroom closet.

She immediately turned to authorities.

“I spent six hours at the police station overnight. It was a very tiring, exhausting, humiliating experience,” the victim said.

She said she was surprised the father of a young daughter would do this, and she is sure there are others in her position.

“If you know this person, if you’ve had sexual relationships with this person and you’ve been to his house, please come forward, because more than likely there is video of you,” said the victim.

The prosecutor working on this case said it’s still under investigation. He would not confirm if there was evidence of other victims, but did say potential victims should contact the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

KHOU 11 News made several attempts to contact the suspect, but Santikos could not be reached.

Santikos faces a felony charge of improper visual recording. He is out on bond.

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