DirectTV adds DogTV channel for canines -

DirectTV adds DogTV channel for canines

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By Christopher Furlong By Christopher Furlong

Have you ever noticed your dog looking at the television and wondered whether he or she was watching? Well it appears now they’re going to have the chance to watch their own shows.

DirectTV, the largest satellite-television provider in the United States, will soon be airing DogTV, a premium channel for canines.

DogTV dubs itself as the first and only TV network for dogs. The channel, which will cost $5.99 a month, is designed to comfort animals and reduce loneliness when their owners are not home.

On its website, DogTV says its broadcasts have “scenes with and without other animals, animation sequences and a variety of moving objects” to keep dogs stimulated.

According to the company, the channel also offers programming with soothing music and the colors and audio are adjusted to fit a dog’s senses.  

According to a statement, the channel will be available on the satellite service in the third quarter of this year. The financial terms of the multi-year agreement were not known.


So what do you think? Will you tune in? Share your thoughts.

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