Education cuts at forefront of Illinois Election Day -

Education cuts at forefront of Illinois Election Day

( – Voters headed to the polls for Election Day in Illinois and that means judgment day for some local school districts asking taxpayers for more money and many mayoral races.

Tuesday’s turnout is expected to be low. And it won’t be helped by rain in some parts of Illinois or by the many races in which candidates are running unopposed.

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There are mayoral races in Alton, Belleville and Edwardsville. In fact, Edwardsville will elect a new mayor for the first time in 20 years.

O’Fallon School District 90 said the state owes it about $1.3 million currently. The school district said they are not expecting that money any time soon.

Grant School District 110 in Fairview Heights is also asking taxpayers for more money.

The superintendent said the district has already cut several programs and has nothing left to cut that won’t severely affect the teaching in the classrooms.

Meanwhile, Macoupin County will have a concealed handgun carry issue on the ballot that will ask voters if the state legislature should enact a law that allows concealed firearms after a background check and training.

Illinois is the only state without a concealed carry law.

Polls opened at 6 a.m. and will close at 7 p.m.

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