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Police: Man tries to burn down sister's home month after early prison release

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath
By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

ST. PETERS, Mo. (KMOV) – Police say a man who was recently released from prison attempted to burn down his sister’s St. Peter’s home Monday morning.

It all happened Monday in a usually quiet neighborhood in Saint Peters at Julie and Gloria Drives. 

The man accused was recently released from prison after pleading guilty to burning down his own house last year.

This time, though, some said he put others in serious danger.

“Blessed, absolutely blessed,” said Addy Miller, whose home was one of two shrouded in crime scene tape Monday.  ”I was just sitting in my living room, just on the computer, and I heard some shoots, and felt some drywall hit my arm. I looked up and there was a bullet hole above my head."

Police told said Timothy Copeland had doused his sister’s home with gasoline and then, from inside, fired a series of rounds through the wall. He’d been staying with his sister and brother-in-law after his release from prison.

“You never know why people do stuff like that, there’s no real answer,” said Vickie Overman, who lives nearby.

Neighbors were shocked and, for a time, scared. Police had told them to stay in their basements until Copeland was captured.

“It looked like they called out the troops, there were people with automatic weapons and rifles and everyone was hiding behind things," said Overman.

Once it was all clear, police combed Copeland’s now uninhabitable home.

Detectives documented where at least one bullet pierced Miller’s house.

”Is it scary to think about what would have happened if the bullet had been any closer to you?” asked News 4 Reporter Lauren Trager.

“Terrifying, absolutely terrifying, that’s all I can think about,” Miller said.

Miller says she’ll be okay. She wants the same for her neighbors and even for the man accused.

”I just hope he gets some help,” she said.

Copeland is currently behind bars on a $50,000 cash-only bond.




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