St. Louis city officials get aggressive with taking guns off the streets -

St. Louis city officials get aggressive with taking guns off the streets

(KMOV) -- City officials are sending a message: We’re not safe with so many illegal guns on the streets.

Now, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney has dug deep down in the law books to find creative charges to slap on illegal gun-toters.

“Since I work down here and I work the late shift, I think about it every day,” said Jill Culleton, who works in downtown St. Louis.

People in St. Louis say gun violence is often in the back of their minds.

But for Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, it’s a daily reality. Half a dozen gun charges in one day is no surprise.

“And that’s a pretty typical day,” Joyce said.

Recently, her office decided to more aggressively target gun carriers, even if they aren’t yet committing other crimes.

“The more guns we have being carried illegally, the less safe we are,” Joyce said.
She’s making sure they use every law already on the books.

For example, Wednesday, Terry Agnew was charged with a felony after he was found with a gun and admitted to officers he smoked pot every day.

Missouri has a law about that.

“That used to be, for whatever reason, a charge we rarely saw, now we are seeing it more and prosecuting it more, because that’s a dangerous condition for someone to have a gun,’ Joyce said.

“Do you think the grand scheme of the justice system this is really going to make a difference to curb crime?” Asked News 4 Reporter Lauren Trager “I mean, the fact it’s illegal anyway hasn’t made a difference, but I think it’s worth a try,” said St. Louis resident Jasmine Banks.

People we talked to were okay with this crackdown.

“Oh yeah, that’s great, that needs to be done,” Culleton said.

The city is also considering a special court just for gun crimes. Joyce says it’s creative solutions like these that will keep us safer.

News 4 will continue to track the crime trend to find out.

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