City of St. Charles to begin enforcing signage laws on Main Stre -

City of St. Charles to begin enforcing signage laws on Main Street

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( -- The City of St. Charles is cracking down on businesses for their signage on Main Street.

City officials say it’s in response to complaints, and will start inspections later in April.

Those found to be in violation will be ticketed, and taken to court if the signs are not changed.  

St. Charles—very protective of its historic district—has a long list of regulations for what shop owners put in their window or outside their store.

“Signage, if left unchecked, can really have a detrimental effect to the historic quality of main street,” said Jason Jaggi with the Office of Community Development. He says his office has receieved about a dozen complaints from visitors and other merchants.

“You see a lot of these temporary type signs when in fact a lot of that hasnt been approved like it should have been or may in fact be illegal,” he said.

Shop owners on Main Street are very familiar with rules and regulations, and some call the signage enforcement just one more hoop to jump through.

“I love having a shop here and I do my best to keep it really attractive looking,” said shop owner Kate Franklin.

Franklin and her husband opened their Main Street store seven months ago.

“I felt like there were quite a few hoops to jump through but we managed it all,” she said. Franklin says she wasn’t quite sure what’s legal and what’s not when it comes to signage.

However the A-frame sign she credits with bringing a lot of foot traffic will likely be an issue, unless she gets it approved; a move she says she’s more than willing to make.

“I hope they don’t say I have anything in my windows that I can’t have but I’ll be happy to comply with whatever they say I have to do.”

Jaggi says some store owners have complained about the strict regulations, but says unless they’re changed, it will still be his job to enforce them. 

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