Caught on camera: Violent gas station robbery -

Caught on camera: Violent gas station robbery

HARRIS COUNTY-- A late night robbery at a convenience store was caught on surveillance cameras.

Employees at the IceBox in the 7700 block of Windfern near Highway 290 and Gessner are sharing the video in hopes that someone can help identify the robbers.

It happened in mid-March as Jose Moreno and another clerk were closing up for the night.

Two men drove up and jumped out, of what appeared to be a minivan, with guns and forced the men back into the store.

"It happen when I locking the door," said Moreno.

With the alarm blaring and more than a dozen cameras rolling, the clerks were forced to the back while the crooks stole money from the office.

What's difficult to see on the video is that Moreno was pistol whipped twice for no apparent reason. Store manager Sergio Sanchez was surprised the robbers didn't kill anyone that night.

"They were ready to do anything to him… to kill him basically," said Sergio Sanchez. "I guess them taking the money saved his life."

The other clerk in the surveillance video quit after the robbery, but Moreno refuses to let the bad guys win.

A report was filed with the Harris County Sheriff's Office, but no arrests have been made in the case.

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