Pregnant amputee: 'I just hope to find some peace' -

Pregnant amputee: 'I just hope to find some peace'

HOUSTON – One week ago, 21-year-old Alise Kelley was enjoying her life and looking forward to the birth of her second baby. A day later, she was lying in a hospital bed, trying to come to terms with the fact that surgeons were forced to amputate her leg.

"You know, I’m young. It’s just different, not being able to, you know, being basically handicapped now so…it’s life, it’s scary," Kelley told KHOU 11 News reporter Malini Basu in an exclusive interview.

Police say Kelley was nearly killed when 26-year-old Shaeryll Hunter ran her down with a car and pinned her against a house.

Hunter is also pregnant and both women say Christopher Chaney is the father of their unborn babies.

Kelley lives with Chaney, who is also the father of her 1-year-old son. She knows it will be a challenge now to care for her children.

"Nervous about my sons, my children’s future, how we going to be able to, how it’s going to affect my children," she said.

Chaney also has two other children with Hunter.

Detectives say Hunter was jealous of the relationship between Chaney and Kelley. Hunter posed for the camera and smiled during her first court appearance on Tuesday.

"I just hope that everybody understands the severity of what happened and that some people are just out, and they think it’s just fun and games and a joke," Kelley said.

She is grateful that her baby is OK and she’s hoping she can walk again someday.

"Out of all of this, I just hope I find some peace," Kelley said. "And I hope that there is justice served."

Kelley said she’s going to stick by Chaney, who has children with at least two other women.

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