Proposed pawn shop with weapon sales would open near school, church in Pacific -

Proposed pawn shop with weapon sales would open near school, church in Pacific

(KMOV) --  Controversy is brewing after a resident proposed opening up a pawn shop that sells guns a block away from both a school and a church in downtown Pacific.

The pawn shop would open near the intersection of Union and 1st, which has many residents upset because they say it’s too close to kids.

“I'm within my rights to have property used as I see fit as long as it fits with the zoning requirements and at the same time they have burdens to give me rules to abide by which I’m willing to do,” says Grant Thornton, a local real estate broker who wants to open up the shop.

Tuesday night, the city council denied Thornton a permit, but it’s not over yet. He still has a chance to prove his shop would not cause a nuisance to nearby businesses, churches and schools. He says, “my service is not going be all guns according to my application with the city of Pacific."

He says he would also buy and sell things like guns, jewelry and tools. However, some are afraid of the type of people it would attract. Resident John O’ Malley says, "I see their point. They could bring in the riff raff per say…that’s something to be concerned about."
Father Mark Bozada with St. Bridget of Kildear says "just not knowing certain conditions that could come about that would threaten safety of kids."

City officials tell me there isn't a rule about how far away a shop like this has to be from a church or school. That’s the problem. Another meeting will be held April 23rd. We'll let you know what happens.

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