Crooked contractor forced to pay up 2 years after News 4 investi -

Crooked contractor forced to pay up 2 years after News 4 investigation

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- He ran a rip-off, now he's paying the price.

For more than two years, News 4’s Chris Nagus has been reporting customer nightmares courtesy of Window Depot, run by Mark Creonte.

Now the Illinois Attorney General is banning Creonte from operating a home repair business and making him payback his customers.
Tony Burns was so angry with Mark Creonte he put an ad on craigslist to find him.
That was after he paid Creonte $1,257 and got nothing for his money.

News 4 spoke with other Creonte customers who were also out thousands of dollars.
Things got so out of control at the Window Depot office in Belleville when Chris Nagus showed up for answers 2 years ago, office employees were concerned about the growing number of angry customers.

They said upset customers were vandalizing the business. That’s when Chris Nagus went looking for Creonte. He moved to central Illinois and started a new job.
In July of 2011 he was unwilling to answer questions about what happened to all the money.
Many of his customers tried the legal system but the case kept getting continued when Creonte would not show up to court.

Now it's all laid out in a Judgment by the Illinois Attorney General, signed by Creonte, which accuses him of unfair and deceptive practices.

Court documents list more than 40 victims, 34 are still owed nearly 46 thousand dollars.
Although there is finally some justice for the victims, not everyone will get paid back.
Edwin Brownstein gets the credit for blowing the whistle on the scam.

The Creve Couer man was 87 years old at the time and died waiting to get his refund of $1,825

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