Caught on camera: Would-be burglar fails to wrestle TV off wall -

Caught on camera: Would-be burglar fails to wrestle TV off wall

HOUSTON -- Police are looking for a burglar who was caught on surveillance camera trying to take a television from a local car wash. The owner of that business says he's become a target because of his religion.

Car wash owner Kevin Jenkins said his business in the 3100 block of Ella was burglarized by a man who tried hard to steal a television off the wall, but never left with it.

"He is in and out in less than two minutes," Jenkins said.

"It's hilarious and it's sad at the same time,” said Jenkins of the surveillance video. “We are praying for him," Jenkins said.

Jenkins’ business is called Dr. Gleem. He said throughout the years he's been hit by thieves. The last incident occurred on March 15 when the man broke in by breaking a glass door. He headed straight to one of the televisions mounted on the wall.

"He looks like he is around his thirties with a beard. He looks pretty rough. It looks like he hasn't been sleeping," Jenkins said.

At one point the suspect jumps up onto a trash can. He almost falls to the ground, but hangs from the television. The monitor still didn’t come loose.

The suspect then looked for tools and then went back to the monitor and violently tried to shake it loose. Part of the sheetrock then started to break.

Frustrated, he eventually left empty handed.

"And the damage he did was probably a good $500," Jenkins said.

If you have ever been inside one of Jenkins' businesses, you know he is a strong man of faith. Christian music plays and there’s a prayer wall in the hall.

"And that's probably why we are getting hit. I mean the Bible says we are going to get persecuted for what we stand for," Jenkins said.

In June, a man broke in and tried to steal a safe. At his FM 1960 location, someone burned his car wash to the ground. But in every case, Jenkins said he bounces back and his faith is stronger.

He hopes his latest suspect gets his life turned around soon.

"I hope I see this guy in heaven one day. I really do," Jenkins said.

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