Voters headed to the polls for Election Day in St. Louis, surrounding counties -

Voters headed to the polls for Election Day in St. Louis, surrounding counties

(KMOV) – Polls have now closed in Missouri as voters headed to the polls, deciding on some key races and ballot issues during Tuesday’s April municipal elections.

Among several races being decided are St. Louis mayor and 15 open St. Louis Board of Alderman seats.

While there hundreds of issues, taxes, propositions and candidates residents can vote on Tuesday, three stick out as among the most controversial.

Both St. Louis County and city voters will also decide on Proposition P, also known as the proposed “Arch Tax.” The proposition calls for a 3/16th of a cent sales tax increase. The money collected – estimated at about $31 million per year, would improve the Arch ground, area parks and Great Rivers Greenway Trails. A simple majority is needed in the city and county to pass the measure.

In St. Charles County, voters will be able to decide on an ambulance tax increase. While the county has grown over the past 38 years, taxes to pay for the 9-1-1 service have not. The tax increase would cost the average St. Charles County homeowner about $30 a year.

Parents in the Rockwood School District, the largest in St. Louis County, will see Proposition S on the ballot. School officials say they need about $40 million for safety improvements and the money would come from bonds. If the issue passes, taxes would not increase.

Polls remained open until 7 p.m.


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