Pine Lawn mayoral candidate claims innocence after arrest -

Pine Lawn mayoral candidate claims innocence after arrest

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

PINE LAWN, Mo (KMOV) -- Nakisha Ford is claiming her innocence, saying she was set up.

News 4 obtained surveillance showing a woman looking very much like Nakisha Ford taking down a campaign ad.

Ford is now out of jail.  Originally she said she didn’t do it and is now changing her story.

“The store owner told me I could take it down.  He gave me permission so since it was his business I thought it was fine,” says Ford. However, according to police she didn’t have permission. Investigators say Ford walked into the Pine Lawn Market Sunday demanding the campaign ad be taken down. When the owner refused, ford allegedly became irate and began yelling at employees before then taking it down herself.

“Ms. Ford entered several other local businesses and went inside and tempted to have those businesses take down the signs...they refused,” said Lou Thimes, a spokesperson for the city of Pine Lawn.

Ford says this is nothing more than a political stunt aimed at making her look bad just before Tuesday’s election.

"Clearly he doesn’t want to lose his position or power so he’s coming at me at every standpoint," she said.

Pine Lawn Mayor Sylvester Cadwell has yet to comment, but his staff says this has nothing to do with the election.

“This is not a mayor issue. This is not the mayor vs. incumbent.  This is a lady who broke the law and was charged with breaking the law and went to jail, end of story," said one staffmember.

Despite being cuffed and hauled off to jail, Ford says she’s still the person for the job.

“I feel I can do a lot for Pine Lawn and if given the chance I want to prove myself.”


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