First inning has been a killer for Garcia -

First inning has been a killer for Garcia

HOUSTON (BaseballStL) -- After allowing four runs in the first inning on Tuesday, the St. Louis Cardinals coaching staff has to be asking ‘why does the first inning give Jaime Garcia a hard time?’

Nearly forty percent of the earned runs allowed by Garcia this year have been allowed in one inning -- the first inning.  To be exact, 13 of the 33 total earned runs have come in the first inning for Garcia.

On Tuesday, the six earned runs allowed in two innings pitched was not what Garcia, who missed his last scheduled start due to elbow discomfort, or the struggling Cardinals, losers in six of its last seven games, needed.  As a result, the bullpen was left to pick up the scraps and now it desperately needs a Cardinals starter to go deep within the next few games for rest.

On a side note, this same Astros team pummeled Garcia for six runs on May 5.

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