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Blog: What do you expect from the Cardinals?

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(BaseballStL) -- While the five-game losing streak is over, what can we expect from the Cardinals the rest of the way?

I have no idea and that worries me a lot.

It feels like this team is heading down a very bad path.  You want to remain optimistic because of all the talent and potential, but week by week, I’m becoming more pessimistic that the Cards are a playoff team this year.

Baseball is all about being consistent.  I understand that it’s a long season, but the Birds are playing far too inconsistently.  But after two months, I’m assuming that’s what we should expect from this club.  With all the injuries, new faces and players assuming different roles sometimes, it’s difficult to develop hot streaks.

This club is trying to ‘just survive,’ right now, instead pushing the accelerator.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re trying, they’re working, they’re competing, but right now, they’re in a giant slump and need to get out of it quickly.   They might be three games back as of today, but with interleague play on the horizon and an extremely confusing and turbulent N.L. Central, that number could increase to five or six very quickly.

Can the Cardinals get back on track? Yes, I don’t see this team continuing to lose at the rate they are, but you have to ask yourself: what will you consider a ‘successful season,’ right now?

If the Cardinals make the playoffs, even as a wildcard, is that good enough? I’d say absolutely.  This team has been through a lot, and I don’t see the adversity stopping anytime soon.  Will Chris Carpenter and Lance Berkman return and endure success?  Will Carlos Beltran, who needs an off-day every few games, eventually head to the disabled list because his knee can take no more?  When will the bullpen become an asset instead of a burden?

How did you answer those questions? All I know is it’s not too early to be thinking of these questions, especially right now as the Cardinals just ended their five-game losing streak. 

-- Jeff Abeln, News 4 Sports

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