Stolen dog reunited with owner after three years -

Stolen dog reunited with owner after three years

FLOWER MOUND — In a grassy field in Flower Mound, more than 1,000 miles away from home, Mary Roberts wraps her arms around her best friend and smiles.

"I really did not think I'd get to see her again", said Roberts, talking about her precious pet Terrier mix named Maggie.

Maggie was lost three years ago by a former acquaintance. Roberts — who had never microchipped her pet — was certain she was gone for good.

"I spent many nights crying when she was taken, Roberts recalled.

In fact, she had all but given up until a phone call from investigators last week. Fort Worth police needed her insight on a former friend who was accused of running from officers, then crashing his semi rig, killing one.

Inside the truck was Roberts' beloved pet.

"We had befriended this person, hung with him for awhile," she told News 8. "Then, one day, he just took off... took the dog!"

Unwilling to lose her best friend a second time, Roberts drove all the way from Arizona to Texas and immediately claimed her puppy. She was even afraid little Maggie had forgotten her, but that was clearly not the case.

"She was so excited! I didn't think she would remember me after that length of time, I really didn't," Roberts said.

But back in her arms, it was like old times. Maggie wiggled, barked, and licked her owner... happily reunited and headed back home, along with a new friend -- a tiny pug that Mary also rescued from the mangled truck.

Before Roberts left, she made sure investigators and animal control knew just how happy she was. "I'm so thankful to the dog control people. They were so nice," she said.

A man who is accused of stealing Roberts' dog and killing a Haltom City man in the crash involving his tractor-trailer, remains in jail. He's facing multiple charges, including intoxication assault manslaughter, and aggravated assault against a public servant.


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