Couple believes hawk snatched pet in neighborhood -

Couple believes hawk snatched pet in neighborhood

HOUSTON – Neighbors in a West University neighborhood had their eyes aimed toward the sky Thursday. They were looking out for a bird, and it wasn’t just any bird.

A warning was making its way through the area after a pet rabbit vanished without a trace. The owners of the rabbit believe a not-so-elusive hawk is the culprit.

“I’m very sad about the bunny, because the little gray bunny was out every night. We always made sure our dogs didn’t get near it or anything,” explained neighbor Robin Angly.

Neighbor Robin Angly said she feels, as long as she’s around, her pet Yorkie is safe.

“I’ve hear that as long as you’re with them, they’re not going to attack the dogs,” Angly said.

Neighbors said they have a feeling the hawk, and its family, have made a permanent home in their residential community. In fact, they’ve noticed many of the smaller birds starting to move away.

“The dove population definitely has declined. I have a bird feeder in my yard, and they definitely don’t come around as often as they did,” said neighbor Ashley Gumbert.

While neighbors initially noticed one hawk, now they’re noticing another. In addition to that, the hawks appear to have reproduced.

Speculation that the large birds are responsible for a pet’s demise has stirred up some concern. However, there also seems to be a lot of intrigue centered on the hawks.

“I think it’s fun in the big city of Houston to have two hawks in the trees,” said Gumbert.

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