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Wheelchair, van stolen from teen with cerebral palsy

FARMERS BRANCH, Texas - The thing about living on the edge - for people like Pattie Winton - is there’s no margin for things to go wrong.

And they just went really wrong.

"Oh my God, it's gone. It's really gone,” Winton said after her 1990 Chevy Astro Van was stolen on Tuesday.

The van is wheelchair accessible for her son, Cory, who has cerebral palsy and is taking his freshman year exams at home with his teacher, because he's been recovering from surgery for six months.

"It's our only way to get anywhere," Winton said. "That's it."

Losing the van is a hardship for Pattie and Cory.

But losing what was inside is an even bigger deal: A new, $4,500 wheelchair that's the main way for Cory to get out of the house.

"That's my way of wheeling around, and being free,” Cory said.

Pattie said the insurance deductible on the chair is $1,800. That, she said, is a huge sum of money for a single mother whose full time job is to care for her son.

"I don't have anything like that,” she said.

Cory feels bad for the person who took the van and his chair. They must need the money, he said.

But he needs his things even more.

"I just want to tell the person who took it, I hope you do the right thing and return it,” he said.

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