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Local business owners discuss impact of Blanchette Bridge project

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – The Missouri Department of Transportation held a public meeting in Maryland Heights on Wednesday to discuss the lane reductions and upcoming construction on the Blanchette Bridge. It is a project that could have serious economic implications for the St. Charles County area.

Local business owner Sharlotte Worthington is part of a group working with the city and MoDOT to help make sure there as few bumps in the road as possible with the Blanchette project. She says whether businesses are affected in St. Charles or not is dependent on one thing: information. 

“As long as people know they have a choice of whether to use the 70 or use 370/364, the people will still come to St. Charles,” Washington said.

“As long as we’re prepared, we get our message out early. Which is what we’ve been working on is early messaging so that people know what to expect.”

But if the message is not received by the public, then she could see it potentially having a negative impact.  As for other business owners in St. Charles, they don’t have many worries.

“I’m really not concerned about it. I think that we have different ways of access to and from this county,” said local business owner Frank Netsch. “It seems like MoDOT’s plan is pretty well thought out. There’ll be times when there are problems but we lived through that before and i think it’ll work out fine.”

MoDOT says the time when the project could be the most impactful is when part of the bridge gets blasted into the Missouri River. That’s when I-70 will be completely closed.

But when that happens has not been decided just yet.

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