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Jailed honor student's story goes international

HOUSTON—Since last Thursday when she got out of jail, Diane Tran, 17, has heard from many people across the city of Houston, the nation and the world who want to help the overwhelmed honors student. 

KHOU 11 News, which broke the story, has gotten emails and calls from Maine, Minnesota, Chicago, Washington State and Wyoming.

KHOU 11 News even heard from an Army contractor in Afghanistan who called at midnight, his time, to inquire about contributing to a fund for Tran.

Tran said she has missed about three days of school a month because she is so exhausted from working a full-time and part-time job all while earning As in advanced placement, and college-level dual credit courses at Willis High School.

Tran helps support her siblings.

Among those reaching out to help support Tran is a school official at Stanford who wants to talk to her about possibly being admitted to one of their summer programs.

Tran told KHOU 11 News she is focused on finals right now and will turn more attention to all the public attention she is receiving once she wraps up the school year.

Due to the holiday, her surrogate family has not yet set up a trust fund in her name.  But another organization did and it has collected more than $30,000. Yet another group is circulating an online petition against Judge Lanny Moriarty who put Tran in jail.  That petition now has 27,000 signatures.

Tran is concerned if the judge does not throw out her case, she will have a record.

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