US Rep. Costello wont reconsider stepping aside -

US Rep. Costello wont reconsider stepping aside

BELLEVILLE, Illinois -- Congressman Jerry Costello says he won’t reconsider his decision to step aside and not seek re-election.

Costello made that statement Tuesday after the Democratic nominee to fill his southern Illinois congressional seat said he is dropping out of the race for medical reasons.

Costello says the decision by Brad Harriman to withdrawal from the 12th Congressional District race was understandable.

Harriman says he has a noticeably worsening neurological condition that now requires surgery. The former regional education administrator didn’t disclose the ailment he says he’s endured since 2010, although he says it isn’t life-threatening.

Harriman had been challenging Republican Jason Plummer for the seat Costello is leaving.

Costello said Tuesday that he would co-chair the selection committee to find another candidate and that those discussions would begin soon.

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