Man goes 'loco' over misplaced taco -

Man goes 'loco' over misplaced taco

( -- A man in Huber Heights, Ohio is being served a plate full of justice after he took his anger out on a local Taco Bell after workers there misplaced part of his order.

According to, the suspect came through the drive-thru and ordered a 99 cent taco. After leaving the restaurant he discovered that his taco was not in the bag.

The man then came back to the resturant and began yelling at the cashier. He then drove his truck into some glass on the side on the building and left the scene.

What the man didn't know was that ramming into the building caused his truck to start leaking fluid. When police arrived at the restaurant they saw the trail of fluid and were able to follow the trail all the way back to the man's home. Police arrested him there.

No word on how much damage was done or what the man was charged with.

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