School allows cross-dressing senior to graduate in girls' attire -

School allows cross-dressing senior to graduate in girls' attire

WALLER, Texas (KHOU) -- A graduating senior from Waller High School will walk across the stage with his classmates after all.

For a few days, Brandon Navarro, who is openly gay, expected to skip commencement because of the way he chooses to dress.

“I honestly consider myself more of a cross dresser,” said Navarro. “There are kids at my school and they are gay, but they keep it under wraps.”

Not Navarro.

He had plans to keep his hair long and wear a fitted dress and heels under his graduation gown until he said a teacher made a comment to him.

“She was like you know you’re gonna have to cut your hair right?” said Navarro. “I said well they didn’t tell me anything about that. It hasn’t been an issue all year. Why is it an issue now?”

That’s when Brandon’s mom, Mary Trevino, got involved.

“As you can see, he doesn’t have a third eye, he doesn’t have a third arm growing, he’s himself,” said Trevino. “When he dresses up, he dresses up respectfully.”

Trevino said her son already skipped prom to avoid any hassle and she was worried graduation would be next.

KHOU 11 News called Waller ISD to find out the graduation dress code.

In a letter addressed to all seniors, it states that “Graduation begins with normal school dress code and personal grooming. Senior males are required to wear dress slacks, white shirt, tie and dark shoes.”

Males are also required to keep their hair above the collar.

But after our original call to the district, something changed. The principal apparently worked out a solution that will allow Navarro to wear most of his outfit.

“I’m wearing a dress,” said Navarro. “It’s right above the knee. It’s body fitting. It has tribal print up and down. It’s real bright colored.”

But Navarro will have to leave his hair extensions, earrings and high heels at home.

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