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Tip from local business helps track West County burglary suspects

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

TOWN AND COUNTRY, Missouri (KMOV) – Mark Davenport and Tonya Quargnenti are suspected of robbing a home on South Mason Road, stealing jewelry and two laptops.

Thanks to a tip from a local business, police say they can confirm the pair are behind a string of burglaries in west St. Louis County.

Mike Duke, owner of Missouri Gold Buyers, developed a system to track sellers in order to protect victims of theft.

Along with pictures of every item he buys, he also takes a picture of the seller's I.D.

"The victims of the crime can look through, I.D.their jewelry easy enough," he said. "There's who sold it, there's every bit that you need, and they have all the info."

Duke sends the photos to county and city police every day. When Davenport and Quargnenti sold him jewelry, police used to the photos to determine the jewelry had been stolen from homes in the area.

Duke's photos have helped catch more than 100 thieves in the past year.

Davenport's criminal history includes burglary, theft, assault and property damage.  He is a known heroin abuser as well, according to police. Quargnenti is 33 years old and is described as being 5' 5' and 150 pounds. 

Both are believed to be actively burglarizing homes in the West County area during daytime hours.

Davenport is a suspect in several small burglaries in and around West County. He was arrested by the Town and Country Police Department in March for stealing two laptops from a parked vehicle near a local school.

He was last seen driving a gold, 2001-2003 Saturn sedan L200.  Anyone who has seen the pair is asked to call 911 immediately. 

Additional information can be forwarded to Lieutenant Rick Kranz (kranzrg@town-and-country.org).


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