Lawmakers try to eliminate loophole in Illinois drug law -

Lawmakers try to eliminate loophole in Illinois drug law

( -- Lawmakers in Illinois are trying to toughen a law targeted at people who sell drugs to others, ultimately resulting in the buyers' death from use of the drugs.

There have been a couple of recent cases in which suspects have gone free because judges believe the law holding dealers responsible is not specific enough.
In one case on May 10th, an associated judge in Madison County let a suspect walk because the heroin that caused a buyer's death was purchased in St. Louis.  The drug was given to a 17-year-old girl who died of a heroin overdose in her home near Troy, Illinois.
The new legislation is being sponsored by Senator Bill Haine.  Haine said, "This law reflects the reality of the drug trade in the metro-east.  Many drug addicts jump state lines to buy heroin or other dangerous drugs."
The legislation would allow prosecutors to charge someone with drug-induced homicide even when the delivery of the drugs to the victim occurred outside Madison County.
Haine added, "If drug-induced homicide occurs in Illinois, prosecutors should have jurisdiction to bring the offender to justice."
If the new law passes, it would affect how police would charge those who give drugs to others.


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