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Woman scammed by company posing as St. Louis business

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – A local woman is worried about her bank account after she was scammed out of a job she found out about online.

Donna Eckhard worked hard for months to find work. But a few weeks back she was offered a job through email to become an account manager for a company called Web Business Solutions.

“They supposedly read my resume from online,” said Eckhard.

Eckhard said the opportunity sounded reasonable and the money was good.

But money was not the only perk.

“They have they main corporate office in Grasso Plaza in St. Louis so that made me feel a little more comfortable,” she said.

The company sent Eckhard tax forms, a direct deposit sheet and training manuals.

She accepted the job, returned the paperwork and received her first check from a client a couple days later.

Eckhard was instructed to deposit the client’s $5,000 into her own bank count.

“Then I was to take out the money and send it to two individuals, one of them, both of them, in the Ukraine.”

It wasn’t long before her bank called and told her the transaction was fraudulent.

“And that I would probably be held responsible for it,” said Eckhard.

The address for the St. Louis location is actually a UPS store serving as a mailing address for a different St. Louis company with the same name.

“And it appears people have now used this business to get over on others,” said Chris Thetford with the Better Business Bureau. “They’ve now used the name of the business to lead people to believe they are a legitimate business and that’s how the scam started.”

Eckhard hopes her story being told will help put an end to the scam.

“Do not contact them, do not go along with anything they have to say because they’re fraudulent,” she said.

Now Eckhard is also worried about possible identity theft because she included her social security number and other information in the bogus company’s tax forms.

As for the real Web Business Solutions Company, the local owner says the company hasn’t been active for years.

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