Man in boxers fights alleged robbers on lawn -

Man in boxers fights alleged robbers on lawn

SAN ANTONIO --Mike Jaime woke up Sunday morning to the sounds of someone knocking on the door, followed by breaking glass downstairs. At first the homeowner thought his wife had dropped something in the kitchen while he was sleeping.

But when a Hispanic man entered his bedroom and started fiddling with his television set, Mike Jaime knew something was wrong.

“He put his hands on the TV, and I’m like, ‘am I really seeing this?’ ‘I’m like, hey man!’” Jaime said. “I had to get ready to defend myself.”

Jaime said the would-be thief didn’t get the television, but he did get a whole lot of trouble, as the burglar was chased from the home by Jaime, who grabbed a Bowie knife from the nightstand.

“It’s my grandpa’s knife that my mother gave me,” Jaime said, unsheathing the knife, exposing the blade's 8 inches of heavy steel.

Jaime never used the knife, and the thief made off in a getaway car with a woman behind the wheel. As they drove off, the homeowner noticed another suspect coming out from behind his house.

So, he tackled him, too -- mixed martial arts-style. And it was all caught on a neighbor's surveillance camera.


“I didn’t want him to flee the scene or get away. So, I’m just holding him.”

Jaime wrestled with the suspect for 120 seconds when the other two thieves returned to help their friend escape the choke hold.

“He was pleading for his life the whole time,” Jaime said, who felt the suspect losing consciousness in his arms.

In the end, Jaime got tired and the trio got away--empty-handed. They were later arrested by deputies.

Frank Davila, Jr., Preston Sluder and Marissa Tolentino are all charged with burglary.

Jaime says he’s not a hero; he’s a father, husband and a homeowner who just had enough.

Jaime added, “Just having to feel that, it’s terrible and it’s an ugly situation that I don’t think anybody should have to go through.”

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