Parent says cell-phone video shows students rolling joints on bus -

Parent says cell-phone video shows students rolling joints on bus

HOUSTON—HISD police are investigating after cell phone video surfaced of what sixth-graders say are fellow students rolling joints on a school bus.

The video was allegedly shot by an 11-year-old on the school bus last Friday as the boy rode home from Clifton Middle School in northwest Houston.

The young boy’s mother gave KHOU 11 News the video and still photographs, but she did not want to use her name, because she fears for her son’s safety.

On the tape, it appears two students are rolling some sort of substance in paper.

KHOU 11 News showed the video to parents outside of Clifton Middle School Tuesday. Many of them couldn’t believe what they were watching.

"I don’t believe, I mean on a school bus," said parent Navil Kanidel.

Kanidel was so shocked by the video that he had a hard time believing it was real.

Other parents thought it was real and are calling on the school district to do something about it.

"They looked pretty skilled in rolling," said C.J. Heinemann, who watched the video after picking up her nephew at school. "I don’t know too many under-21ers that can hand roll like that."

A spokesperson for HISD said the school district has yet to see the pictures or video. KHOU 11 News offered to show it to them, but they said no.

"HISD urges anyone with evidence of criminal activity on a school bus or any other school facility to present that evidence as soon as possible to law enforcement so that proper investigation can be conducted," said HISD spokeswoman J. Denisse Cantu.




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