Peek-a-boo game traps baby in spinning washer -

Peek-a-boo game traps baby in spinning washer

Officials are looking to identify and speak to the parents who put their baby in a washing machine at a New Jersey  laundromat.

The incident at the Federal Laundromat happened on May 11, and the Camden Courier Post reports that authorities want to make sure the child isn't hurt. They are not looking to press charges against the parents.

"Right now we just want to make sure the child is OK," said Jason Laughlin, spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office. "We don't believe there was any criminal intent. It was more of an accident."

The very disturbing surveillance video, which became a widely shared item on YouTube, shows a father placing his baby into a front-loading washing machine, closing the door and turning it on - apparently in an a game of peek-a-boo.

But then the couple panics as the machine fills with water and they cannot open the door to get to their child.

The father runs to fetch the attendant, who works extremely quickly to disengage the machine so the parents can free the baby.

"From speaking with the owners of the Laundromat they said the child's father came back and told them the child was fine and they took him to the hospital," Laughlin told Courier Post. "We just want to confirm that."

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