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Florissant officials warn of unethical security company going door to door


FLORISSANT, Missouri (KMOV) -- The Florissant Police Department is warning residents about a security company using unethical tactics to get customers to buy their products.

The department says it’s taking calls from residents complaining about aggressive alarm company salespeople.  Officer Andy Haarmann says the salespeople travel in groups and are using intimidation tactics to sell alarm systems for Pinnacle Security.  

"They say, 'We know your house is worth this much money.  We know your probably have a bunch of money in the house, why don't you get our alarm system so you don't get burglarized?'" he explained.

Florissant Police say residents report that the salespeople become argumentative when asked to leave and have argued with officers once police show up.

Officer Haarmann acknowledges that the salespeople haven't broken the law as they have obtained solicitors permits from the city.  However, he does say the group is pushing boundaries.

"They're using tactics that almost intimidate the residents, especially our older residents."

When reached for comment, a spokesperson for the Utah-based Pinnacle emailed News 4 this statement:

"As is standard in many industries including home security, potential customers go through a pre-qualifying process to ensure their eligibility for our services including credit scores and home ownership. We believe this is a simple misunderstanding. We have a code of conduct and a high standard of compliance within the company and though we are looking into the matter, we are confident the concerns mentioned are without merit."

It's not clear if the company has the customer's consent before starting the "pre-qualifying process," and Stuart Dean, VP of Corporate Communications, who did not immediately respond to a request for clarification.

Florissant Police tell residents to call officers if people encounter problems with sales employees.




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