Major changes coming to I-270, you can weigh in -

Major changes coming to I-270, you can weigh in

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- If you’ve ever gotten on or off Interstate 270 in north St. Louis County, you know it can be confusing and at times scary.  The Missouri Department of Transportation has pegged a 10 mile stretch to change the issue.  Some who live and work off Dunn Road parallel to 270 say it’s about time.

“The way people come off the highway here it's very, very dangerous,” said Nancy Wisneski, owner of Bridal Connections off Dunn Road.

Traffic entering and exiting 270 off of Dunn Road has to cross over oncoming traffic.  Yield signs are posted, but it can create confusion and major backups.  The goal is to get rid of situations where traffic crosses over.

One idea is to make the outer roads into one-way roads.  Dunn Road, which is north of 270, would travel only Westbound.  Pershall Road, which is south of 270, would run Eastbound.  There are hundreds of homes and businesses along those roads meaning the residents and customers would potentially have to drive a mile or so, cross under the interstate, and then get on the road that takes them to their destination.

“I think temporarily it would be a problem, but in the end I think it would be best to have the one-way,” said Wisneski.  She worries about the impact of construction on her business, but believes something needs to be done.

Another idea is to keep those outer roads two-way and create roundabouts where the “crossovers” are currently.  That would require MODOT to move the interchanges farther off of 270.  In that scenario MoDOT would also likely add a lane to 270 in each direction.

The project will need final approval and funding so it’s likely at least 18 months away.  On Tuesday night you can voice your thoughts at a public meeting.   It will be held in the Student Center at St. Louis Community College-Forissant Valley at 7 p.m.

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