Metro East mayor bans all fireworks -

Metro East mayor bans all fireworks

BELLEVILLE,Il ( -- As the dry weather continues, more cities are taking action to prevent fires. 

The mayor of Belleville, Mark Eckert, has now put a ban on all fireworks despite some of them being legal. 

He was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but with temps still as high as they are, Eckert tells News 4 he didn’t have a choice.

“The fire chief and I have been talking for days.  He’s expressed concern about the potential, the greater potential of fire hazards with these conditions.”

Eckert says he’s trying to avoid accidental fires that can happen as a result of this dry weather.

Most fireworks are already illegal-but the legal ones such as party poppers and sparklers are now banned.

“It’s amazing just how quickly thus stuff spreads when the conditions are just right. We have those conditions right now.  We don’t want to see peoples garages and sheds, houses,” Eckert said. “We certainly don’t want to see someone get hurt.”

He tells News 4 the good news is residents seem to know just how dangerous fireworks can be right now.

Police haven’t received many complaints and they hope it stays quiet thru the end of the week.

“But any sparks in these dry conditions, anything that you’re lighting a match for can be dangerous,” the mayor cautioned.

The temporary ban will likely be in effect for 2 weeks. As soon as it’s lifted we’ll update the information on our website.

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