Child dies after attempts made by family, bystanders to save her -

Child dies after attempts made by family, bystanders to save her

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ST. LOUIS ( – A Good Samaritan helped a family in their frantic effort to save their daughter’s life Monday night.

When parents noticed the 1-year-old, who has a heart condition, had stopped breathing, they called an ambulance. When they began to fear that help wouldn’t arrive in time, the parents took their daughter in their own car and began making their way to St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

En route, they were in an accident at the intersection of Page Avenue and Skinker Boulevard.

Desperate to reach the hospital in time, the father got out of the car, grabbed his daughter and began running.

“I knew that something was wrong from the moment that I saw him running with the child,” he said.

Cecil Farrell was heading home on Page Avenue to see his own daughters when he saw the dad and daughter in distress.

“She was lifeless. She was lifeless. She wasn’t breathing. She wasn’t responding,” he said. “Her father cried and prayed over and over again to give her a breath, but at the time she never took a breath.”

Police say the family was going so fast, the car actually went into the turn lane when they made the turn onto Page Ave. and collided with a van. That's when the father tried to go the rest of the way on foot.

“I picked him up on the side of the building here,” said Farrell. “Made a U-turn and went straight down Page to Kingshighway. Made the right on Kingshighway and went straight to Children’s Hospital after the dispatcher instructed me to go to Children’s Hospital,” said farrell.

As if it were his own family, Farrell waited in the emergency room.

“It’s a feeling of helplessness. I have three girls of my own. I just would never wish this on anybody,” he said. “I hope and pray the girls alright."

“I never thought twice. The best thing you can do for a person is help them when they’re in need and I’ve been trained to do that in the past and it was just instinct to do that all over again,”

News 4 has learned this child later died on the hospital.

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