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5-Year-old girl gets award for saving neighbor

OVERLAND, MO (KMOV -- A 5-year-old girl who saved a neighbor is being presented with a recognition award from Chief Chuck Coyne of the Community Fire Protection District in Overland on July 11. 

The girl, Savannah Becher, was letting her dog out on June 21 when she heard a man yelling in pain.

Savannah told the man, "Dave", that she would go get help. She ran back inside her house and got her mother, Christina. Christina ran to Dave's house and saw that he was trapped under his car after the jack failed. Christina jacked the car up and off of Dave and called 9111.

Chief Coyne said paramedics took Dave to the hospital, where they discovered he had nine fractured ribs, a fractured sternum and a bruised heart and lung

Doctors said if the man would have been under the car much longer, he may have died.

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