Son of missing elderly woman charged after body found buried in backyard -

Son of missing elderly woman charged after body found buried in backyard

HOUSTON – The son of an elderly woman who's been missing for months was arrested and charged after a body was found buried in the backyard of a League City home Thursday.

The body was discovered in the 3100 block of Sand Reef after police performed a welfare check on the 80-year-old woman at the request of Amegy Bank.

The bank employees expressed alarm about the woman’s bank activity. League City police originally went to the home on Wednesday for a welfare check, but a patrol officer felt like they should do a follow-up visit on Thursday.

When they arrived at the home, they found the woman’s 54-year-old son, John Scott Timler, was living with her. Police asked if they could investigate the property and Timler agreed. That’s when they found freshly turned dirt in the backyard.

League City police, with the help of the Galveston County Crime Scene Unit, spent the day digging around the yard before a woman’s body was discovered. The body was wrapped in two air mattresses, investigators said.

Neighbors said the elderly woman took great pride in her front yard but that had, noticeably, not been kept up.

“You don’t know who lives next to you, that’s for sure. It’s mind boggling,” said Freddie McLemore, a neighbor. “(They were) quiet people, mom did the yard every week for 11 years. That’s what my wife said, maybe she’s sick, because the yard hasn’t been done for months.”

Another neighbor said one of the woman’s concerned friends had recently asked questions of her whereabouts.

“She was a schoolteacher and a friend of hers has stopped by about a week ago and asked me if I had seen her and I told her no,” said Dale Fraga. “I told her her son told me he put her in a rest home and so I didn’t think nothing of that.”

Investigators determined Timler had been forging his mother’s checks for months. They charged him with charged forgery and abuse of a corpse.

His bond was set at $100,000.

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