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Ridiculous hill may be demolished in Houston

HOUSTON (BaseballStL) -- The Astros are set to depart from the National League next season and the obnoxious hill in centerfield and the train at Minute Maid Park may be departing as well.

Owner Jim Crane told the Houston Chronicle’s Zachary Levine that the club is deciding whether to get rid of Tal’s Hill in centerfield and the train above the left field wall before next season – the first year in the American League.

The idea to remove the unneeded hill and (actually cool) train is part of the team’s ‘rebranding.’  In addition, the team has submitted ideas for a new uniform to the MLB higher-ups.  It is still awaiting approval and will not be revealed until after the season.

Although it is unique, it is a great idea to get rid of the ridiculous hill in centerfield because it isn’t nostalgic like the Green Monster in Boston or the ivy wall at Wrigley Field.  And still, it probably isn’t the worst part of the ballpark -- that would be the Crawford Boxes which are a whopping 315 feet away from home plate. 

It is not known if the team will move the centerfield wall behind Tal’s Hill in from 436 feet away to include additional seats.  A logical theory (from a likely misinformed writer) might be to knock out the Crawford Boxes which seats 681 fans and create an additional seating area where the hill is now.  But like everything else, I am sure there are other things to consider and great reasons not to put the theory into action.

The Astros will need more than a ‘rebranding’ campaign if they hope to contend in the AL West next season with the likes of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Texas Rangers.  It is a shame they are more concerned about removing a hill and a train rather than putting together a quality team.

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