Rev. Larry Rice brings homeless to Galleria -

Rev. Larry Rice brings homeless to Galleria

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Mo. (KMOV) -- The Reverend Larry Rice made good on his plan to organize the homeless and lead them into the St. Louis Galleria Thursday in Richmond Heights.

Rice broke up the people into about seven or eight groups, which each had a team leader.

From there they drove to the Galleria and walked around applying for jobs.

Rice said they could be staying out of the heat in a cooling center, but thought it would be better if they went to an area where they could be productive, like searching for a job.

He also says he expects the homeless to be treated fairly.

“I’m not going to let them treat us with the same policies as they did in the 1950’s

African-Americans,” Rice said. “Homelessness is the new ‘in’ word in America. People better recognize that regardless of the color of your skin you lose your home or your mortgage you’re treated just like people were in the past.”

Reverend Rice said they are going to do the same thing again the next few days and they’re even going to travel to different malls so the homeless can apply to as many businesses as they possibly can.

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