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FBI announces Save Our Streets initiative in Metro East

FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, Ill. (KMOV) – The FBI has announced an initiative in cooperation with several local law enforcement agencies to lower violent crime in the Metro East.

FBI officials say through the “Save Our Streets” initiative, more manpower will be put towards investigating unsolved violence crimes and work on developing info about criminal networks operating in the area.

“Through a multi-agency coordinated effort, the ‘Save Our Streets’ Task Force will use the talents, localized knowledge, and investigative expertise that each agency has available to investigate violent crimes and apprehend criminal predators who are preying on the people in Metro East St. Louis,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge David Ford. “We will also concentrate our efforts on collecting intelligence related to gangs to assess whether new groups are moving into local communities.”

Authorities are also asking for the public’s help identifying people responsible for violent crimes, which include robbery, assaults and homicides.

“I will use all resources at my disposal to continue my efforts to ensure that the people of Southern Illinois are protected,” said Stephen Wigginton, U.S. attorney general for southern Illinois. “By partnering with this special task force and using the influx of manpower furnished by the FBI, my office can re-double our push to get violent criminals off of our streets.”

The FBI is also assigning agents on a temporary duty basis to work exclusively on the crime-reducing initiative.

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