Man who opened fire on random people at apartments dies in shootout with police -

Man who opened fire on random people at apartments dies in shootout with police

HOUSTON— A suspect who wildly opened fire on random people at a northwest Houston apartment complex Wednesday morning was shot and killed by Houston police following a crash.

It started at the Wilshire Place apartments in the 6000 block of Hollister near Highway 290 shortly before 9 a.m.

Police said the man got into an argument with a complex security guard, and when he was asked to leave the property, he opened fire.

The security guard and a maintenance man were shot. Police say the gunman then turned his attention to a tenant.

"He told me to get out of the car," recalled Bryan Summers. "I just grabbed my keys luckily and ran off because that gate was open and I didn’t want to get another shot fired at me."

Authorities say the gunman ran down the street and managed to carjack a woman who was pulling out of her apartment.

She was unharmed, but her Chevy Trail Blazer was about to be used in a crime spree that would last a total of 20 minutes.

Police chased the suspect down Hollister to Highway 290.

The suspect was firing at them and at least six officers were shooting back, police said. Dozens of bullets were exchanged until the gunman plowed into a group of cars at a traffic light at 290 and Hollister.

"I’m coming down here, minding my own business and then I seen the cops coming," said driver Stacy Ireland. "They’re chasing this blue truck right here and I said oh no."

Ireland and the other drivers were told to get out and run, but the suspect was already dead. Police believe he was hit with at least one bullet during the chase.

Five people at the intersection had to go to the hospital, bringing the total injured during the crime spree to seven.

Fortunately, they are all expected to be okay. The name of the gunman has not been released.

"Man, it looked like something that happens in the movies not something you see in real life," said witness Chris Gladney.

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