Landlord to blame for family's summer suffering? -

Landlord to blame for family's summer suffering?

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) – A local family is facing oppressive heat with a broken air conditioner and they say their landlord is to blame.

After months of failed attempts to get their landlord to make repairs they called News 4’s Mike Colombo.

“He don’t come out here to fix nothing. He’s just getting our money,” said frustrated tenant Ora Devauld

Ora Devauld is steaming mad at her landlord Richie Rental Properties. Her air conditioner has been out for months and after repeatedly complaining, she couldn’t cool off, even if she wanted to.

Then Wednesday morning, her water didn’t work.

“They came over and turned it off,” she said.

The water was shut off because Ora’s landlord who is supposed to pay the water bill, hasn’t. We found out Richie Rental Properties owes the water company over $1,200.

“Landlords and management companies like Richie, if they’re going to do business in this town,  they need to maintain their properties and take care of their residents, and they need to pay their bills,” said Pam Walker is the city’s health director.

“We have to go to problem properties court. A judge will review the case and give them time to correct the problem,” she added.

The city and Ora tell News 4 the landlord tried correcting the problem, by allegedly turning the water back on, which is illegal.

While News 4 was at Ora’s, the city showed up to check in on the family. Given the extreme circumstances, the city allowed the water to stay on.

News 4 spoke with the landlord late Wednesday. He said he paid the water bill late Wednesday afternoon. News 4 couldn’t confirm that with the city.

The landlord also told Mike Colombo he took responsibility for the broken air conditioner and promised the family would have window units by tomorrow while the central air is fixed.

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