Kirkwood considering fireworks cancellation -

Kirkwood considering fireworks cancellation

KIRKWOOD, Mo ( -- The drought and heat are creating dangerous conditions for fire, so some July 4 fireworks displays might be cancelled or severely restricted.

Tonight, News 4 has learned several cities are changing their plans. Farmington has already pulled the plug and Kirkwood is considering it.

The grass is dry enough to catch fire, and fire fighters say, with just a slight breeze a spark could quickly travel the length of a football field.

High temperatures coupled with low humidity have local fire departments on edge. Kirkwood is considering canceling its big fireworks show because of it.

Farmington has already canceled the city’s display, citing several outdoor fires throughout St. Francois County sparked from fireworks this season.

Rolla has also announced a ban on using sky lanterns within city limits. The laterns are growing in popularity, but users can’t control where the lanterns land once they leave their hands.

Kirkwood fire fighters warn the weather makes personal fireworks exceptionally dangerous this year.

“We’re begging people not to be doing it this year because of the dry conditions,” said Assistant Chief Leo Meyer. “Same way with open burning, such as your little outside burn pits - refrain from using them during this time frame. The drought is a great concern of ours during this.”

Kirkwood plans to wait until next week to make a final decision.

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