Panhandling parents charged after leaving infant out in sun -

Panhandling parents charged after leaving infant out in sun

HOUSTON—Not even a week into summer, Houston finds itself in the grip of an unrelenting heat wave.

So when two parents were out panhandling with their infant, it raised eyebrows.

"A mother and father and five-month-old infant were in the median at 1960 and Kuykendahl," said Deputy Thomas Gilliland, of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators say they left their son in a carseat in the middle of a median at the intersection as they solicited money, ostensibly to help build a new homeless shelter.

A passing driver notified authorities at around 7 p.m. last night. The temperature was still 96 degrees, and a deputy who responded says the infant appeared to be in distress.

"His clothing was soaked through, wet from sweating," said Gilliland. "[The officer] immediately put the baby in his patrol car and turned the air conditioning on and called for EMS."

Gilliland says the infant had a body temperature of 101.3 degrees and was lethargic. He did not have to be hospitalized, but CPS has intervened.

Now, Tonya and Tyler Gleason have been charged with endangering a child.

Tyler Gleason is still in police custody while Tonya Gleason is out on bond.

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